You’d better keep them secret

Are you good at keeping secrets? I will admit that I sometimes….OK most of the time I suck at keeping secrets. The only time I ever keep a  secret is if the secret is so incredibly SHOCKING.

For some very strange reason, all my friends think I am AWESOME at keeping secrets. So this makes me feel very bad when I open my big blabbermouth and spill the beans.

Strangely, I have always been fascinated by secrets. I’m not really sure why, but maybe it’s because someone trusts you so much that they’d tell you something very private, sometimes something they haven’t told anyone else.

Perhaps y’all understand my guilt now. If I told my friends that I secretly tell everyone all their secrets, they’d go absolutely mad and would never, ever trust me again.

I really hope y’all aren’t like me, aka bad at keeping secrets. It really is such a horrible skill habit.All I’m saying is that if someone tells you a secret, you’d better keep them secret. And I mean the secret, not the person.