Hello ;] My name is Roxy. I live in Malaysia, but I was born in England. And yes, I’m just this incredible drama queen. I think you can probably tell that from my blog posts, pahaha. I’m 16 years old, as of February 2012. I have an incredible boyfriend. Be jealous ;] There is not really a definition for this blog. It’s just random blogging about life, I guess. I am an incredible chatterbox who is absolutely fantastic at going off topic so yeah… Be warned x) Besides all that randomness, I love dogs and books. I am this huge bookworm. Seriously. Oh, and I also love playing guitar. It’s like, my passion. I write absolutely nonsensical, useless, insane, crazy songs that make no sense. And if I posted them you’d think I am this mad mental person. Well, I am. But you get the point, yeah? Any questions, ask. Seriously. I do not bite. Or maybe I do. Who knows? For all you know, I am hiding behind you right now. Or maybe I am hiding under your bed. Or above you. Or… right next to you?


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