Losing your virginity. And ‘that three letter word..’.

Sex. That 3 letter word. Pahaha, no seriously, that’s how all my friends refer it to. ‘That 3 letter word.’ Jeez, woman, just say it out loud! It’s always been such a sensitive subject. It’s not really the word you randomly throw into a sentence. Like, you don’t exactly go ‘Hey (insert friend’s name), wanna come over for a movie? Then we have some sex?’. It’s a complicated subject, really. And losing your virginity. Having sex for the first time. It’s a big thing. You have to really watch out that you do it at the right time, and with the right person. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage that. I’m a stupid girl. I’m talking about my ex I mentioned in my previous post. So seriously. Watch. Out.

I remember a couple of my friends lost theirs when they were 13. Freaking. Years. Old. You should not be having sex when you are 13 years old. You should be playing tennis and having fun. One of them does not regret it. She says it was worth it. The other regrets it like HELL. She’s always moaning about it to me. But I have no sympathy. She was not forced to do it. It was her choice. If she made the wrong choice, then you know, it’s her fault.

And I do kick myself for not thinking about this thoroughly and just going with it when I was only 15 and a half. Worst mistake of my life. Like what was I thinking? I could have gotten pregnant. And you know, when I hear the 7th graders talking about sleeping with their boyfriend’s, I feel like going over and slapping them across the face. Hard. Wake them up from their silly, useless dream where everything flows perfectly, just the way they want it too. It’s time to wake up and face reality. Like it or not.


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