Dealing with drama

I have found life to be just FULL of drama. And dramatic people. Like ME. I am just this incredible drama queen.

Dramatic people tend to:

1. Make something sound better or worse than it actually is.

2. Be really emotional

3. Have really dramatic facial expressions and body language

4. Talk way too much, and with lots of hand gestures

I can’t think of anything else, but I will also say that I am incredibly stubborn as well. But this post is about dramatic people, not stubborn people.

There are a LOT of drama queens in my school, but not that many drama kings. I guess it’s safe to say that girls are way more dramatic than boys. Boys are really casual. And really annoying. Oh there I go again, changing the subject…

The drama queens in my school seem to care a lot about: dancing, makeup, looks, beauty, singing, acting, boys, love and relationships. For me, I care about: Animals, music, acting, books and the environment. So I’m not that bad, really. I won’t name names though, because I’m not that mean, haha. I’m only mean when others are mean to me!

That’s all for today because I have written 3 posts. I think it’s because it’s a Sunday and Sunday’s are really boring for me.

This is your drama queen Roxy signing off!



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